Pet Urns for Ashes

After the death of a pet, it is important to make decisions regarding the memorial, how to deal with their remains and how to respectfully honor their life in a meaningful way. Some people decide to have a service, complete with a ceremony and similar components to that of a person’s memorial and other opt for a more simplistic, yet still meaningful approach. Various items can be purchased or designed to help commemorate the memory of your pet including an urn.

Pet urns come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. The most common design models a traditional urn used for human remains as it is similar in shape and classic style. Urns can be made out of wood materials, ceramic, glass, biodegradable materials as well as stainless steel and polymer. Each has its own function and prices vary according to materials used.

Traditional wooden urns can be used for your pet’s remains and come in a variety of styles made out of various woods. Cherry, walnut and maple woods are commonly used for construction of wooden pet urns. A variety of designs may be incorporated on the outside of the box to add a personalized touch. Pictures of your companion may be embossed, etched or encased on the top of various urns.

Ceramic decorative urns similar to those used for human remains are available for use for your pet. Sealed for preservation, ceramic urns can be placed on your mantel, fireplace or other shelving to remind you of your loved one. Classic and modern designs are available to choose from with the option of personalization.

Modern advances in memorials have mixed contemporary ideas with traditional preservation. Glass urns or memorial urns have been developed to utilize your pet’s remains in the creation of a beautiful, decorative memorial. These memorials can take the form of a glass decoration (e.g. ornament), jewelry, or specialized urns. Using the utmost respect, a small portion of your pet’s remains is incorporated into the design of the item for you to cherish.

In the spirit of green considerations, biodegradable urns have been designed to encase your furry companion’s remains. Heart-shaped boxes, traditionally-shaped urns and other biodegradable urns are available for you to honor your pet. Carefully designed water-burial urns are constructed with earth-friendly materials to float momentarily and then sink, releasing your pet’s ashes into the water. Other eco-friendly urns are designed for land burial to break down easily over time.

Other pet urns include vault urns and keepsake urns. Vault urns are specially designed to permanently seal your companion’s remains in a vaulted container. These vaults are constructed using various types of steel or metals to encase your friend’s remains permanently commonly for use in burial. Keepsake urns can also be permanently sealed but some designs allow for a separate compartment to keep items such as tags, a favorite toy or another item associated with your pet. Keepsake urns can also have pictures etched into the top of the urn or slide into the top of the box. Artists’ renderings of your pet may also be used on the top or sides of the keepsake urns.

Regardless of which type of urn you choose to use for your pet, there are many ways to honor their memory and cherish the moments you spent together. Choose a company with high quality standards, good testimonials about their products and one that will suit your needs in honoring the memory of your loved one.

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