Cremation Jewelry For a Loved One

The death of a loved one is one of life’s cruelest blows. In the weeks and months following a death, bereaved survivors attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on, acutely and painfully aware that nothing is the same as it was before.

Struggling to “let go” and accept their loss, the grieving often find comfort in mementos and keepsakes that preserve their link to the past, to the deceased, and to a love that will live forever. Today, more and more people are finding cremation jewelry to be the ideal personal keepsake.

A Unique, Physical Connection

Cremation jewelry provides a unique, physical connection to the deceased. Designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains or a lock of hair allows a survivor (or several survivors) to keep a tangible part of a loved one close at heart in an attractive ash pendant, bracelet, or key chain.

Today’s jewelry comes in a multitude of discreet styles, and designers and jewelers are constantly introducing new ones. Made from a diverse array of materials – from natural woods and precious metals to man-made stone – and designed in styles ranging from simple to traditional to elegant, cremation jewelry offers virtually endless options to appeal to every taste and budget. Some of the most distinctive lines of cremation jewelry include

memorial jewelry cylinders made of 50,000-year-old kauri wood
affordable crystal and antique glass pendants
cameo pendants reminiscent of Victorian-era memorial jewelry
photo lockets and photo-engraved jewelry
“themed” cremation jewelry designed around pets, sports, nature, and more

Thoughtful Gift, Dignified Memorial

Michael West is the President of Perfect Memorials, an online distributor of memorial products including cremation jewelry. West attributes the growing popularity of memorial jewelry to the rising number of cremations, as well as a growing demand for personalization in funeral goods and services.”Memorializing a deceased loved one is an important part of grief and healing,” according to West. “People today prefer cremation urns and cremation jewelry that reflect some personal meaning or the spirit of their loved one who died.”

West adds that urn jewelry makes a perfect, heartfelt gift for someone who is mourning: “With so many materials and styles to choose from, memorial jewelry can be worn by men and women alike. An ash pendant encased in a glass dome also makes a beautiful and dignified memorial display.”

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